Sand Blasting

018Sand blasting is the high pressure spraying of a silicone grit onto parts that need to have previous coatings removed from the surface or to best condition the surface for the smoothest result from the powder coating process.

Gill Powder Coating has two facilities for sand blasting of parts. For small parts, Gill Powder Coating uses a sand blasting machine that facilitates protected hand holding of small parts so that all surfaces of the part are smoothed out by rotating the part manually. For larger parts, a sand blasting booth is used. Parts are hung on hooks and the Gill staff, wearing protective clothing, walks around the part to ensure that every surface is prepared for powder coating. The large blasting booth can blast parts that are up to 30 feet long, 9’ 6” feet tall, 7 feet deep and weight up to 5000 pounds.

To learn if your parts need sand blasting prior to powder coating, talk with our knowledgeable staff to know the value of sand blasting in providing the powder coat finish you desire.