Powder Coating Main Conveyor Line

Our most automated powder coating capability is our 650 foot long main conveyor line. This line has a 5 stage power wash that meets most AAMA specifications. The Dry Off oven is capable of
reaching 300 degrees to dry your parts. The parts then pass through a new Deimco powder booth. The booth has 10 Gema automatic guns and two stations of Gema hand guns for hard to reach areas. After coating, parts then go into our finishing oven which has 40 feet of IR banks and 60 feet of hot air convection. After leaving the cure oven, parts have a cool down area. Then the parts can be packaged off line according to your needs.

Gill Powder Coating staff prepares parts for painting as you require. Your orders are converted to detailed work orders that include images of the finished parts, masking instructions, double checking of powder coat paint colors (RAL compliant color number), and any special process instructions you provided. We confirm your special instructions at the time of order so that the parts flow effectively through our automated powder coating line.

The dimensional capacity of the main conveyor line is parts that are up 16 feet in length, 7 feet in height, and 2 feet in depth. A part can weigh as much as 100 pounds to run effectively on this high volume line. Line speed is adjusted based on part requirements so that the best result is achieved and shipped to you on time.

Industrial parts run most commonly on the powder coating conveyor line. Gill Powder Coatings can process industrial parts most efficiently and cost effectively as described above and turn around high quality finished parts, packed to specification using this sophisticated equipment resource.

Gill Powder Coating staff inspects parts per your requirements using either visual inspection or testing equipment to insure delivery of fully compliant finished parts. We can provide required certifications to
your specifications. We can pick up and deliver your parts or receive and ship them on your vehicles
or specified freight carriers.