Powder Coating Batch Line

batch-line-wash-booth_350x434For powder coating orders where covering small details is important, often for commercial products, Gill Powder Coating’s batch line is an excellent solution to choose for your powder coating requirements. The line is 425 feet long and takes the parts through a similar powder coating process as the main conveyor line. For the batch line, parts can be up to 10 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 9 feet deep.

The batch line process includes chemical pretreatment, clean water washing, chrome free rinse, pre-coat drying, manual spraying of parts by skilled technicians, curing oven, and specified packaging of the finished parts. For consistent quality, regardless of which line is used, work instructions, pictures, and all other details are communicated to the batch line staff. Parts are masked when necessary. Identical quality testing procedures can be applied to finished products along with certification documents to support your quality reporting system parameters.

When you contact us we can discuss the best way to powder coat your parts on any of our lines. We are sensitive to your requirements for final appearance in a commercial environment or if parts require special processes that are best completed by a skilled technician applying powder coating to your parts individually. Our staff has significant experience processing manual coating orders and a reputation for high quality finishes that meet your highly finished specifications.

The powder coating batch line is perfect for short or long run items whether they be small or large parts with unusual shapes or sizes. Also consider this capability for prototype parts and other short run opportunities. Regardless of the size of the order, the size of the part, or the specifics of your finishing needs, Gill Powder Coating delivers high quality finished parts on time.